XM18 Reloadable Smoke Grenade

Our new Reloadable Smoke Grenade! Uses a modified M228 fuse head with a CNC machined tube that holds a small pistol primer. A thread-on stainless retainer cap to keep the primer in for reduced report. No delay on this head assembly to ignite smoke mixture once spoon is released. Spoon is attached by a lanyard.



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XM18 Reloadable Smoke Grenade


NEW Reloadable Smoke / OC / CS Grenade

High quality construction of 6061 T6 Aluminum, hard-coat anodized. High temp o-ring sealing on top and bottom, separate ignition chamber to be filled with smokeless powder to ignite smoke mixture. Unit easily disassembled for cleaning and reuse. Similar to M18 in design, but reloadable. Fits in a MOLLE vest.

New design change implemented, a lanyard was added to the spoon attaching it to the M228 head. This prevents loss of the spoon when it is used.

Loading Directions (pdf)

M18 M8 Model 308-1 M15 M16 M34 M228 M201A1 M67 M69 M83 M213

Made to the same high standards you have come to expect from Pace Launcher Casings, LLC.

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