Tri-Barrel Kit with 40MM XD Cannon Base

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This high-powered, devestating round utilizes a quantity of 9 half-inch diameter lead balls. This round is great for the M79, M203, and the M302. It uses any 28 gauge wad for a variety of different payloads. The XD Pro base should be filled with maximum recommended 16 grains of (Payload of nine .495 Lead Balls) Bullseye Smokeless Pistol Powder, (This is the only powder this casing has been tested with. Any other powders may be dangerous and should be used with extreme caution.) and is sealed using a XD Pro Burst Disc. Chrono values are in the range of 800-850 fps, with a spread of 14-16 inches at 30 feet. This new round uses our proven Patented 40 MM Cannon Round base, well-established and used on all of our 40 MM casings. This round holds up to 20g of Bullseye smokeless powder and uses a 1 ½ small pistol primer, and works well for weak firing pin springs. Stainless steel powder cup with primer pocket will hold up to 20 grains of powder. Easily reloaded in the field utilizing a 15MM wrench and primer punch (no Press Needed)


Round Specifications:


  • 4.15" total length - Easily fits into Molle Vest
  • 2.80" inside depth of each barrel
  • .55" diameter of each barrel

For replacement lead balls, plastic wads and cork containment disks, we recommend Ballistic Products:

  • Item #0836090 - Hornady 50 cal .490 Lead Round Balls #6090
  • Item #072BW28 - BW28 28ga Brush Wad
  • Item #18CW28 - 1/8 Cork Cushion wad 28ga

This round has only been tested using these Ballistic products. Alternate products may be dangerous, and should be used with caution.


Kit Includes:


  • 1 XD Pro Patented Cannon base with Tri-Barrel Tube
  • 5 coppercopper burst disks
  • 27 Hornady .495 lead balls (three loadings)
  • 9 pusher wads
  • 9 payload containment disks
  • Complete instructions on reloading Tri Barrel Cannon Round

Powder and Primer not included. (utilizes small 1 1/2 pistol primers)

Pace Launcher Casings, LLC is not responsible for any injuries or damages from use of these products. Follow all local, state and federal guidelines and laws.

Manufactured from High Quality Aluminum and then Hard Coat Anodized.
Made to the standards you have come to expect from Pace Launcher Casings LLC.

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