37MM XD PRO Base

The newest 37 MM XD PRO base! Including our patented 37 MM base, well-established and used on many of our casings. The stainless steel powder cup and vent plug with...


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This is a unique high performance 37MM base that does not require a blank cartridge for propulsion. It utilizes a 1 ½" Remington small pistol primer and has it's own high pressure chamber.


This new XD PRO base uses our patented 37 MM base, similar to our patented 40 MM Cannon Round base, well-established and used on all of our 40 MM casings, now available for our 37mm XD products as well! The stainless steel powder cup and vent plug with primer pocket will hold 20+ grains of powder, and is removable via 3 set screws.
(Please Note: Anything over 5 grains can be dangerous. Please ensure your launcher can handle the recoil.)


This shell uses our New XD PRO Burst Disks.


Not all bases will be engraved.


Manufactured from High Quality Aluminum and then Hard Coat Anodized.
Made to the standards you have come to expect from Pace Launcher Casings LLC.


Wads and payload containment cork are by Ballistic Products, Inc. Item Numbers: #3222800 and #18CW28.


XD Pro Burst Disk: 0.685", .016" thick copper

Primer: Remington 1½" Small Pistol Primer

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