40MM Updated Cannon Round

Our updated 40 MM reloadable “cannon” round will be sure to provide explosive results.


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40MM Updated Cannon Round

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Our updated 40MM reloadable “cannon” round will be sure to provide explosive results. This 40 MM casing was designed to be used as a HIGH power buckshot/flechette round. It stands at 5″ tall. The stainless steel powder cup with primer pocket will hold up to 20 grains of powder. (Recommended: up to 20 grains for flechettes, 16-18 grains for buckshot.)

This round uses a 2 ½ large pistol primer.

This shell uses our XD Pro Burst Disks.

This shell uses our Payload Wads. Wads may be white or orange UHMW plastic.

This round encompasses most of the same features our other products have. This product was designed by George Confer.

An unbiased review on all of our products can be seen at freewebs.com/grog/index.htm.
This is George Confers website, known as the leading expert on 37 and 40MM launchers.

Wads sold separately, does not include Buckshot and/or Flechettes.

Download Loading Instructions (PDF)

Please check the Inside Diameter, Depth and Length measurements to be certain that wads and projectiles will fit in your shell casing.

Shell Specs

  • Shell Length: 5.00″
  • Inside Diameter: 1.125″
  • Inside Depth: 3.75″

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in