37MM XD High Performance Screw Apart Shell

The newest 37 MM XD shell to be released with features never seen before! Including a new primer pocket held in place by a snap ring.


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This is a unique high performance 37MM screw apart aluminum shell that does not require a blank cartridge for propulsion. It utilizes a 2 ½" Remington large pistol primer and has it's own high pressure chamber machined into the base housing. The primer pocket is machined out of stainless steel and held in by a stainless steel snap ring. The vent plug is removable via a hex drive to load smokeless powder and a vent plug wad.


This shell uses our Standard XD Burst Disks.



Please Note: Confirm measurements to insure Outer Diameter and Shell Length of this tube will fit your launcher barrel!

This base can be interchanged with our smokeless 37 MM XD and .45 ACP charged bases.

Not all bases will be engraved.


Please check the Inside Diameter, Depth and Length measurements to be certain that wads and projectiles will fit in your shell casing.


Shell Specs:

  • Shell Length: 5.75"
  • Outside Diameter of Tube: 1.525
  • Inside Diameter: 1.380"
  • Inside Depth: 4.4" payload depth to top of vent plug.


Load Data:

Burst Disks: 0.7840" diameter, 0.016" thick Copper

Primer: Remington 2½ Large Pistol Primer


  Powder    Grain weight of Charge    Results  
452AA 5 grains Very good load power
473AA 5 grains Very good load power
Herco 8 grains Very good load power, best
PB 3 grains Good load
  4 grains Very Good load power
  5 grains Very good load power
  6 grains Too powerful, Do not use.
Bullseye 3 grains Good load
  4 grains Good load
  5 grains Very good load power
Unique 3 grains Good load
  4 grains Good load
  5 grains Very good load power
  6 grains Too powerful, do not use


The best option for burst disks is the 0.7840" diameter, 0.016" thick Copper. One casing was loaded 15 times with the 8 grain loads and a solid carrier for weight and resistance, and the casing and vent plug performed perfectly (THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED AND IS DANGEROUS). Each loading had very nice recoil, no primer push, and no signs of too much stress.

Each load in the table above was loaded 5 times, in the same casing, to check for power, and to make sure the loads were safe, and could be duplicated without casings wearing out, or the loads causing stress that might cause a casing to fail. These are simply guidelines and anyone attempting to load their casings must understand injury and/or death can be a result of loading your own shell. Pace Launcher Casings LLC. cannot be held responsible for injury caused using our loading guidelines as they are simply "guidelines" and cannot be guaranteed to work.

This information is courtesy of George L. Confer. For a unbiased review of our products by the "launcher king" please visit freewebs.com/grog/index.htm


Legal Disclaimer- By purchasing this item you agree and fully understand our legal agreement/terms and conditions. Also, injury can occur using this item. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information.