Inert Fuze Head Assembly

INERT M228 M201A1 M67 M69 M83 M213 Reloadable Fuze Head Assembly

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This military surplus smoke hand grenade style device can be reused with your smoke grenades.


Assembly is CNC machined to accept a small pistol primer (Federal recommended) for positive ignition.


Assembly includes:

  • CNC machined threaded sleeve for 2.5 inch fuse.
  • Machined for 30 sec/foot fuze - Cannon Premium Fuse 3mm recommended.
  • Tube machined for 3mm fuse.
  • Ignition outlet of tube has dual compressed o-ring clamping assembly.
  • Hex flats machined in for grip while tightening
  • Hole is provided below fuze window for adding adhesive.
  • All heads have new spring kits installed.
  • Reusable by loading new primer and fuse in tube assembly and threading into head assembly and tightening lower assemply to clamp o-rings and seal fuze in cylinder.


Primer not included.
Fuse not included.


Download Loading Instructions (PDF)


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Using this device with anything other than a smoke grenade turns it into an un-registered destructive device. The ATF takes these violations very seriously. The penalty for possessing an un-registered destructive device is 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


Made to the high quality standards you have come to expect from Pace Launcher Casings, LLC.

Class 10 FFL/SOT

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