26.5MM High Performance Screw Apart Casing

26.5 MM casing specifically designed for the re-loader and to increase performance.


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This 26.5 MM casing was specifically designed for the re-loader and to increase performance. This casing utilizes a .45 ACP blank cartridge to hold the smokeless powder in place.


This shell uses our .45 ACP Burst Disks.


Please check the Inside Diameter, Depth and Length measurements to be certain that wads and projectiles will fit in your shell casing.


Shell Specs

  • Shell Length: 3.125"
  • Inside Diameter: .876"
  • Inside Depth: 3.2"


Load Data:

This re-loadable casing can hold up to 5+ grains of smokeless powder, however, we do not recommend it as it can be dangerous. 3 grains should be your max.