37MM/40MM Finned Projectile

High quality finned projectile suitable for our 37 MM and 40 MM casings.


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These empty projectiles are sized for our 37 MM and 40 MM casings, and are designed so that the user can fill them with whatever he or she prefers, then simply snap the cap on for use. These projectiles are CNC machined from heavy duty high temp plastic. These are HIGH QUALITY projectiles, NOT some cheesy plastic case from a mold. Our finned projectiles provide MUCH greater distance and we can assure you, they are worth every penny!


Please check the Inside Diameter, Depth and Length measurements to be certain that wads and projectiles will fit in your shell casing.


Projectile Specs

  • 37MM / 40MM Finned Projo
  • Outer Diameter: 1.365"
  • Payload Inner Diameter: 1.0975
  • Payload Depth: 2.25" after threaded inlet 
  • Projo Length: 4.3"

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Please Read!
Make sure you select the correct projectile to match your tube. For example, if you have our 37MM tube please make sure you select one of the 37MM projectiles. Furthermore, our 37MM projectiles will fit our 40MM tube.